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Veterinary Assistant

Melissa joined the team at Sugar River Animal Hospital in June of 2020. Originally from Chicago, after graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Psychology, Melissa moved to Atlanta and pursued a career as a veterinary technician for several years at Ansley Animal Clinic. She will to this day, say that was one of the most rewarding jobs she's ever had. Reigniting her love for animals, as Melissa traveled the US, a constant was her love for animals and the medical field. She earned her graduate degree at Arizona State University in Education and while there, she took several classes in Equine Massage, Telington TTouch, and became a certified massage therapist. After meeting her husband Bo in Arizona, a Massachusetts native, they packed up the 4-legged gang and moved to New Hampshire. Melissa has been involved in dog rescue for the last 14 yrs and is a huge advocate for rescue and adoption. She currently resides in New Hampshire with her 4 rescue dogs, foster dogs and her turtle Courtney. Melissa and her husband Bo also run a doggie daycare and boarding facility in Hillsboro NH.

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