Veterinary Assistant

Chrissy has always had a deep love for animals, a passion that started in her childhood. Although she moved frequently throughout her life, she found her true calling in Grantham, New Hampshire. Chrissy graduated from the University of Las Vegas with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing and dedicated 13 years to serving as an ER nurse.

Seeking a change of pace, Chrissy decided to follow her heart and join Sugar River Animal Hospital in Grantham, NH, where she could combine her medical expertise with her love for animals. At home, Chrissy enjoys spending quality time with her diverse animal family, which includes four dogs, three ducks, and eight chickens.

When she's not at the hospital or with her pets, Chrissy loves exploring the beautiful New Hampshire area through spontaneous car rides, camping trips, and thrilling motorcycle adventures. Her commitment to animal care and her adventurous spirit make her a cherished member of the Sugar River Animal Hospital team.