The Boss

Olivia joined the team in 2014. She doesn’t like to talk about her past but will say that she is grateful that Dr. Catherine wouldn’t allow her to be euthanized. Olivia’s primary purpose in life is to be worshiped like the god that she knows that she is and to make sure that all humans know that they are here to serve her. In her spare time, she keeps all dogs in line that come to visit the hospital, tries to convince everyone that she is starving (all the time), people watching, and lounging around the clinic.

Her favorite places to dictate the world from include, but are not limited to the front desk, the windows and benches in reception, the futon in the staff room, and her window perch in Dr. Catherine’s office. For fun, Olivia likes to knock the phones off the hook, try to get in your lap when you need to get up or are super busy, to sit on Dr. Catherine’s lap with her face squeezed between her hands while she is typing, and of course napping.